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Interview: Nicole Scherzinger is In:Demand with Alex
Jan 30 2013


Your ‘schamazing’ X Factor judge, Nicole Scherzinger is on the show to tell us about her time on the show as well as introducing her new song Boomerang. Alex asks her about her recent scantily clad photoshoot for the song and gives her his grandma’s verdict on the pics!

When asked about the song’s meaning, Nicole said, “The song Boomerang is all about coming back stronger like a boomerang, so it’s a great lift off song for 2013.”

The upcoming album was recorded in September so she has been keeping it safe during the X Factor until now. When asked if it was hard to sit on so much hard work, she said, “Timing is everything. If I was going to promote the music it would kind of take me away from the show and my contestants and I don’t do anything half way.”

She tells us how much she enjoyed working on the UK’s version of X Factor and how she enjoyed looking after and making friends with her contestants. When asked which version of the show she preferred working on, the US or the UK, Scherzy said, “I had more fun on the British show. I’m not gonna be diplomatic, I’m gonna keep it real!”

Alex also asks her if she’d come back for 2013’s X Factor. To find out the answer and much more, hit PLAY now.


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