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[Photos] Nicole Scherzinger leaving the ‘Craigs’ Restaurant with Robin Antin
Feb 11 2017
Nicole Scherzinger with Robin Antin were seen leaving the 'Craigs' Restaurant in West Hollywood, CA. Check out photos in our...
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RUMOR: Nicole Scherzinger will replace Fergie on Black Eyed Peas
Jan 18 2017
Looks like the Black Eyed Peas don’t plan to Stop The Party any time soon as it has been rumoured that Nicole Scherzinger has joined the band to replace former singer Fergie. The band have been on an indefinite hiatus while the members, Fergie,, Apl.deAp and Taboo, all work on individual projects, and now it...
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Merry Christmas from Team Portal Nicole!
Dec 24 2016
In this Christmas we hope that your heart be filled by friendship, love and peace. That the stars of hope hug you so that you comes to be happy in each memory. That the gifts of love be remembered by each days of the next year. In this Christmas, we hope that the hope of an better life and the fulfillment of better days keeps...
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Nicole Scherzinger for Hello! Magazine
Nov 30 2016
You have worn some gorgeous looks today, Nicole. Can you talk us through them? “This pale pink dress is soft and beautiful and ethereal and was inspired by a look that I wore to the Pride of Britain Awards recently. I’ve also worn the most gorgeous yummy cashmere sweater with big sleeves that you just want to snuggle...
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2016 Interviews
Nicole Scherzinger on a Pussycat Dolls Reunion: “We’ll Show Them How It’s DoneR...
Nov 22 2016
POPSUGAR: What drew you into this movie? Nicole Scherzinger: I am of Hawaiian descent, so when I found out they were making a Polynesian-inspired Disney movie, I was like, "I have to be a part of this!" I knocked down Disney's doors to let me audition and make sure I could be a part of this. It was awesome, and it worked...
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2016 Interviews Moana PCD
Interview for InStyle UK
Oct 27 2016
For the December issue of InStyle Nicole Scherzinger talks to Hamish MacBain about Simon, social media and being silly. Plus check out the video below where InStyle's Josh Newis-Smith AKA JoshingtonHosts quizzes her in the hot seat... Nicole Scherzinger’s life is non-stop. If...
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Nicole Scherzinger’s X Factor make-up artist reveals the star’s backstage beauty secrets
Oct 24 2016
Nicole Scherzinger has set the beauty stakes high on this season of The X Factor, flooring fans with her glamorous hair and make-up looks. Determined to find out her backstage beauty secrets, HELLO! Online caught up exclusively with the star's make-up artist Emma Osborne... Emma creates Nicole Scherzinger's striking X Factor...
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Nicole Scherzinger interview for Notebook Magazine
Oct 23 2016
It’s great having you back on The X Factor. Are you surprised at the positive reaction you’ve had? I don’t take it for granted, but I can’t say it’s a surprise because all I’ve done is be myself. For me it feels really natural and effortless. This panel is my family. Do you hang out with the other judges when...
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2016 Interviews Muller Corner De Luxe
‘I wanna slay’: Nicole Scherzinger on preparing for the X Factor live shows
Oct 21 2016
And in an exclusive interview with Hello! Magazine, the star, 38, has revealed just how much prep is involved in getting ready for the all-important live shows. "X Factor is such a huge event, you have to put your best foot forward and bring it every single weekend," said Nicole, who was celebrating the launch of the new...
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Interviews Muller Corner De Luxe
Nicole Scherzinger: ‘I need to find a husband and then I’ll have kids’
Oct 11 2016
The former Pussycat Doll has revealed she has set her sights on walking up the aisle before becoming a mother. In an exclusive chat with Yahoo! Celeb the 38-year-old X-Factor judged admitted she is a bit of a traditionalist and would prefer to enter motherhood with a ring on her finger. She said: ‘My faith comes first, I...
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Nicole Scherzinger will be performing with the Rays of Sunshine Choir
Sep 09 2016
Nicole Scherzinger will sing a unique song with the Rays of Sunshine Children’s Choir, a group of brave and inspiring seriously ill children. Other acts are to be announced. The event will be hosted by Rays of Sunshine Children’s Charity which grants wishes to seriously ill children across the...
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2016 Charity UK
[PHOTOS] The X Factor Launch 2016
Aug 26 2016
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