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“This year it set to be an exciting one” Nicole Scherzinger for Pop & Kultur Magazin...
Feb 23 2019
Kultur: "You are well known for your powerful soprano vocals, and you are very comfortable to sing in a wide variety of music genres. Do you have a favorite type?" Nicole: "For me, the nice thing about music is that there is always a song to suit your mood, and a song to suit your feelings. I love being able to express...
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Nicole Scherzinger : ‘I’m Creating a Fitness Movement’
Feb 06 2019
Nicole Scherzinger may be a musical powerhouse, but the singer excels at another physical pursuit too: keeping her body in tip-top shape. Now, she swings by the Us Weekly studios to share her fitness and diet secrets. “I like to switch it up and try a lot of different things. And I can’t talk too much about it, but...
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Nicole about The Black Eyed Peas
Dec 21 2018
Your friendship with the group goes a long way back, how long have you been friends with the guys? I mean I don’t wanna reveal too much about our age but it’s been a couple of decades…almost. Yeah, since we were like two! So, you’ve been there for the whole 20 years they’re celebrating, this must have been...
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Nicole Scherzinger is in line for a role in Broadway production of The Greatest Showman
Dec 03 2018
According to a new report from The Sun UK, Nicole Scherzinger is "in the frame for a part in the Broadway version of hit movie The Greatest Showman". Nicole has been targeted to play Anne Wheeler, who sings the hit song "Rewrite The Stars" - the role was played by Zendaya in the movie. The Sun's source claims "it’s still...
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The Masked Singer judges play a game of charades
Nov 11 2018
Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger play a game of...
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The Black Eyed Peas feat. Nicole Scherzinger – “WINGS”
Oct 27 2018
New song of The Black Eyed Peas feat Nicole Scherzinger  is out now and available to buy and stream everywhere. Listen to WINGS on...
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2018 Music
Black Eyed Peas’ “Masters Of The Sun” Includes Nicole Scherzinger
Oct 20 2018
The Black Eyed Peas celebrate 20 years in music with the release of their seventh studio album ‘Masters Of The Sun.’ Drawing on their earlier pre-Pop sound, members, and Taboo regroup for the project which skews political (plus socially reflective) and is loosely inspired by their graphic...
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New Müller Quark Yogurt TV Ad with Nicole Scherzinger
Oct 15 2018
Check out new Müller Quark Yogurt commercial with Nicole Scherzinger below : Behind the...
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2018 Campaign Muller Corner De Luxe Müller White Velvet
Nicole Scherzinger in Hawaii
Oct 14 2018
Nicole is spending time with her family in Hawaii. Chech some photos from latest days in our gallery :      12.10 Oʻahu,...
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2018 Hawaii
Nicole Scherzinger will visit Wright State to give talk for students, receive Alumna of Year Award
Aug 25 2018
Nicole Scherzinger will return to the stage where she performed as a Wright State student to be honored by the university and give two talks for current performing art students who hope to follow in her footsteps. The famed singer, actress and dancer will visit Wright State on Monday, Aug. 27, for several private events in...
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Nicole Scherzinger will be on the panel of “The Masked Singer”
Aug 04 2018
"Fox TV has ordered “The Masked Singer,” a new celebrity competition series, which will be hosted by Nick Cannon and is set to bow in January 2019. The series, based on a South Korean format, features celebrities facing off against one another with one major twist: each singer is shrouded from head to toe in an...
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Interview for Mirror
Dec 03 2017
You’ve just done your fourth X Factor, what’s it been like backstage this year? We’re like a family, so we’re always together. We have dinners together after the show. Louis always peeps his head in my dressing room, gossiping about everything. He’s constantly winding me up, I don’t know whether to believe him or...
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2017 Interviews Müller White Velvet X-Factor