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Nicole Scherzinger Perfume Chosen Interview
Sep 02 2017

Which budget beauty product can you simply not live without? 

I love coconut oil. I love it so much, I’m coming out with my own brand of coconut oil! I’m Hawaiian, so I grew up with coconuts growing in my own back garden, which my family and I would use to extract coconut oil from as a tradition. The women in my family are pretty ‘no fuss’, but they count coconut oil as their number one beauty secret.

We adore coconut oil as well! So, you’ve got ten minutes to get ready for an event – what’s your instant-glam routine?

So, a vampy, sultry look is my go-to right now, but it’s got to look fresh. First things first, a super dewy foundation to make my skin glow. I’ve been rocking a deep, blood red, berry-like lip lately, rather than just a standard red. Then it’s got to be highlighter next, all over my cheekbones and across my eyes for an almost wet-looking lid. Finally, mascara – lots and lots of mascara.

Do you have any beauty hacks you use all the time?

Coconut oil as deodorant. Trust me, it works! And I love to hack my way to chiselled cheeks with some contour and highlight. Plus, whatever I use on my lips, I pat onto my cheeks as well to give a lovely, harmonised look. I find myself doing that a lot with Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Lip liners – they work so well and they really stay on.


What about a cheat sheet to perfect skin?

Genetics! No, but honestly, drinking loads of water will do so much good for your entire body. I don’t take care of my skin as well as I should, but I always try and get enough sleep, hydrate, and use moisturiser. I’m pretty bad with using SPF, though – it’s tough to remember to all the time, right?

Right! So, have you ever had to cut out anything diet-wise because it was making your skin act up?

Whenever I eat loads of fast food, that’s a guaranteed bad-skin day the next day. Add going to sleep with makeup on, and it’s terrible. I try and avoid all of these bad habits, and focus on putting clean foods into my body. I love pasta, but try and have it with healthy oils instead of junk.

If you could use only one makeup item for the rest of your life, what would it be?

This is a tough one. I’d say a brown eyeliner to define my eyes, of course, and then I could do a 90s lip with it, and maybe even contour – if I blended it properly!

Ooh, we’re going to use that one! So, your first ever fragrance, Chosen, is out now. What was your inspiration behind the scent, and the name?

I’ve wanted to make my own perfume for the longest time now. I just wanted to craft something that would give every woman a hit of confidence when she sprays it on, and make her feel specially selected, like she’s been chosen to take on anything that comes her way. The bottle is inspired by diamonds, which are originally pieces of coal until immense pressure is applied, then they blossom into these beautiful stones. That, to me, symbolises women of today, and this fragrance is for us.


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