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Nicole Scherzinger’s interview for Heat Magazine
Mar 18 2017

Having recently bought a swanky new four-storey house in the Hollywood Hills for a cool $3.4 million, Nicole Scherzinger has quickly drafted the builders in to transform it into the perfect batchelorette pad. And when she’s not furiously pinning ideas on Pinterest, she’s taking interiors inspo from her travels which, if you’ve ever seen her Instagram feed, she goes on a lot. The face of Müller, Nic can’t wait to introduce a fab, outdoor vibe to her new digs, so we asked her to tell us all about her dream décor situ…


You’ve lived all over the world, but where do you call home right now?

Ooh, Los Angeles is my home, even though I’m homeless right now because I’m renovating a house. I’m actually living out of a suitcase.

How would you describe your interiors style?

It’s modern and contemporary with warm and earthy vibes. One of the benefits of travelling is that I get inspired everywhere I go, from a ski lodge in Switzerland to a castle in Italy. Also, I’m obsessed with [deco site] Houzz and Pinterest.

What was the last piece youbought?

I’m looking at buying a really nice Japanese toilet with a seat warmer and butt spray everything. People are going to be knocking down my door just to go for a wee!

What’s on your bedside table?

A book, a candle and some rosary beads that my mum and my grandfather got me.

What would we find in your fridge?

I travel so much that the only things you really see in my fridge are hot sauces. I’m a saucy girl! And, of course, I have my Müller yoghurts in there, too.

What’s your favourite room?

When my refurb’s done, it’s going to be the kitchen. It’s going to be all open with a view that overlooks everywhere from Downtown LA to the ocean. It’s also going to be a great space where people can congregate. I love eating outside, but I don’t really have a garden, as my house is in the hills on the side of a clif.

Who is the most famous person’s house you’ve been in and what was it like?

 I went to Pufy Daddy’s house for a preGrammys party – it was just exceptional. He had, like, an entire lake in his backyard and if I could just have his marble slabs, I’d be the happiest girl. I was dreaming about them!

How long does it take you to change a light bulb?

It can take me… Well, it will never happen – that’s why I have assistants.

Last DIY job you did?

No. [Really long pause.] Nope, nothing.

When was the last time you cleaned the loo?

It’s been a while, I’m not going to lie. I am a friggin’ professional toilet cleaner, though – my mother raised me to get a porcelain pot so shiny and squeaky clean.

Ever assembled a flat pack from Ikea?

Yeah, I have with friends, but I’m probably not the first person you want to go to for that!

Do you keep an allen key in your house?

I don’t think so. This is random, but probably the last thing I put together was a Lego set with my niece. I swear you have to have really tiny, miniature fingers to handle those pieces.

What’s under your bed?

I don’t keep anything under my there – I like my bed really clean with nothing underneath.


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