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Nicole Scherzinger interview for Notebook Magazine
Oct 23 2016

It’s great having you back on The X Factor. Are you surprised at the positive reaction you’ve had?

I don’t take it for granted, but I can’t say it’s a surprise because all I’ve done is be myself. For me it feels really natural and effortless. This panel is my family.

Do you hang out with the other judges when you’re not working?

I go round Simon’s house because I know Simon’s girlfriend Lauren. We’ll just have girl time. Me, Lauren and Robbie Williams’s wife Ayda, we have dinners, we get to feel normal because we get to just have girl talk.

Is Simon there? Is he making you drinks or is he hiding upstairs out of the way?

[Emphatically] Simon is not invited.

So will there be any get-togethers he is allowed to come to?

I’m bringing back the tradition of the X Factor family dinner from when I last was on the panel. Every Sunday night we take it in turns to pick our restaurant and take everyone else out for dinner. I’m not doing the cooking.

Simon has been quite cheeky to you this series, making a few digs about your love life..

Oh, I can handle myself, I know what I’m doing, I can take whatever he dishes out. But I definitely think he’s softened lately. I think it’s being a dad to little Eric. He’s just more laid-back now.

Plus he’s got his best friend Louis Walsh back, too.

I love that Louis went because now they all really appreciate him. They took the mick out of him before, but now they realise the show isn’t the same without him. Louis’s really revelling in it.

And how are you and Sharon Osbourne getting on?

Mrs O, she’s the momma! She’s hilarious. I really look up to her, she’s like a queen the way she carries herself. And I love her fashion, she’s so gangster, she has the best jewellery. I learn from her where to shop. I don’t know if I’ll be buying too much, I don’t think I’m as rich as her yet.

Don’t you get a huge fashion budget for the show?

Oh no, you have to hope designers will believe you and let you rock their clothes and make them proud. I’m not gonna lie, we spend hours in fittings, trying on dress after dress after dress.

Do you get to see much of the cities you visit during auditions?

No, but I like to go out and jog to get the feel and vibe of them. I put on a hat, no make-up, and just run.

We’ve been enjoying your attempts at the various accents.

My family think I do the greatest British accent ever. It tickles them to death, I’ve got my nieces sipping tea, like English ladies. I used to think my accent was genius but my ex [Lewis Hamilton] would be like, “What is that? Scottish?!” So he kind of ruined it for me. But there are so many dialects, it depends on how I’m feeling. [Breaks into a very passable Essex] Quality to the max. Obvs!

Do you ever get nervous when you’re doing live TV?

Oh yeah! I am SO damn nervous. When I’m waiting on a Saturday night I’m crapping my pants. I’m like, “Oh my gosh I’ve forgotten how to speak.” But I focus on the contestants and I focus on the music, then I just GIVE. And it works.

There’s been a lot of speculation about how you’re looking so good right now.

I just try not to pay mind to that stuff. The other day I was getting my nails done, I had no make-up on, I looked horrendous, and the paparazzi took pictures. And I was like, “You know what? We’re all human.”

So, set the record straight – have you had any ‘work’?

No, it’s all natural. Exercise, eating right and taking care of yourself is the best, best way of looking good, I’m telling you.

Well you’ve clearly been working out, right?

[sighs] I was in crazy shape earlier this year. I shot Dirty Dancing, so I trained for three, four months for that, hardcore. Then I lost it again. That part was easy. You just EAT, and you don’t work out as much. Now I’m trying to get back into fighting shape. Today I couldn’t walk when I woke up because my thighs hurt so badly.

We can’t see a thing wrong, but what are your body goals?

To just trim down overall. But the main reason I exercise is for my mind. I’ll always jog before the live shows because it gives me a natural high. It makes me feel I can conquer the world and anything can happen.

You’re mentoring kids who’d love to be famous, what’s the best advice you’ve had?

I remember my mom telling me, “Don’t compromise yourself”. So that’s what I tell people: Just be yourself. Just do you, because everyone else is taken. Stay grounded, have family and friends around and let your work speak for itself. I’m not really down with all the stuff on social media, I’m like, “I don’t know what this world’s turned into. THIS is what we care about?|

What do you object to?

It’s just become all so vain. It’s the new It thing, the stripper look. I’m not saying strippers can’t be empowering, I mean they’re damn good at their jobs and I give it up to them because I couldn’t ever work a pole. I tried it for a Pussycat Dolls video and I failed.

So your issue is with famous people looking like strippers?

Look, sometimes I see their butts and I’m like DAMN! I need to do some squats! But…. I don’t want to cast judgement on others but I think it’s our job as women to lift each other up and empower each other. And not to demean ourselves.

Do you think women looking that way is demeaning?

Some of it’s so easy, so cheap. They see that’s what’s gonna get the likes, the attention, so they’re taking that route.

You’re fronting the new Müller Bliss yoghurt campaign, what’s your idea of bliss?

Being in a great mind space, exercising, meditating, listening to great music and having time for myself. I like to eat good food and indulge in something luxuriously creamy like Müller Simply Bliss.

What in life makes you feel blessed?

I feel happy to be alive every day! I’m healthy, I get to do what I love and I have great friends around me. I like to keep it spicy though by carrying hot sauce in my bag to ensure I’m pushing myself and experiencing new things.

What? Hot sauce?

[laughs] I don’t actually carry hot sauce. But I think it is important for everyone to spice it up in life to experience new things.

What would you like to do differently?

Nothing. Because if I did want to do something differently, now is the best time to start it.I believe in timing. I could think, “I wish I’d done this…” but I guess I wasn’t ready then. And now I’m ready.

What’s the last thing that made you cry?

Umm, this might be a bit too personal, but for the first time ever I just got my nose hairs waxed. And I literally cried and cried.

When did you last lose your temper?

It was probably over my house, I’m renovating it right now in LA and I’m very particular about things..

What embarrasses you?

I was gonna say when people compliment me but actually I love that now.

And is your glass half empty or half full?

Half full! It’s ALL the way full.



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