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Nicole Scherzinger a surprise treat for Shropshire dairy staff
Aug 27 2014

We have seen her enjoying yoghurts on our television screens – and now workers at Shropshire’s biggest dairy got to see pop star Nicole Scherzinger in person.

The former X Factor judge stopped by at Muller Dairy in Market Drayton yesterday to celebrate the launch of a new yoghurt.

She’d been up since 3am, made an appearance on a national radio station, and whizzed straight from London to the Shropshire countryside – but Nicole Scherzinger couldn’t wait to tuck into some new Muller yoghurt with local workers.

The pop star turned face of Muller Corner was ready to surprise workers at the Market Drayton factory to celebrate the launch of the new whipped Greek-style yoghurt Muller Bliss Corner.

And while she’s splashed across our televisions dipping her nose into yoghurt on a taxi ride – Nicole’s been having the time of her life.

“I love it, I love the yoghurts, and all the campaigns and commercials,” she said.

“It’s just fun, they let me bring my own quirkiness and personality to the adverts, and all the past campaigns they have done have been great.

“But I’ve never had the pleasure of visiting Shropshire before – this is my first time.”

She was no doubt shattered from a breakfast show appearance on Radio 1  before setting off on the long journey to the factory.

But with her visit a big surprise for the workers, Nicole was ready to get her hands on the “Mullerlicious” products and celebrate with the factory workers.

“I can’t wait to see how they make the yoghurt – I hope I’ll get to have a go at seeing that and have a go myself.

“But I hope I get to have a go at eating it too!”

But you don’t become the face of Muller without becoming a household name first.

She’s juggled the X Factor with her ongoing music career, as well as her regular charity campaigning. Things seem to have changed a lot since the days of leading pop group Pussycat Dolls.

She said: “I’ve moved on a lot from then– the UK has really adopted me since X Factor, and I’ve grown as a woman and as an individual.

“I try to be authentic on stage, but in a world of social media where everything is so freely accessible, I like to keep my personal life private and secret to me.

“It’s nice to be able to have some sort of mystery.”

But with the launch of Muller Bliss Corner, the Hawaiian born star has also been getting creative and had a think about what flavour would channel her own personality.

She said: “I really love the Muller de Luxe Corner, with the gold bits, I think that’s my favourite. But I if I was to come up with a Bliss flavour it would be with a Hawaiian theme.”

“Maybe a Hawaiian liquor flavour.”


source: shropshirestar

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