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Nicole Scherzinger doesn’t want a guy who thinks he’s hot – but she’s not in dating mode
Nov 17 2013


She is one of the most desirable women on the planet and newly single.

So when I arrive to meet Nicole Scherzinger I’m expecting to have to fight my way through a queue of men.

The reality, she’s quick to assure me, is quite different.

“I don’t meet many people. I don’t know if I am a loser or what? Maybe it is the evil stare I give out that says ‘I know you ain’t gonna talk to me’, haha.”

I’ve been summoned to meet Nicole on the 15th floor of a posh block of London suites and am now in the enviable position of sharing breakfast with the beautiful X Factor judge.

The table is bursting under the weight of bacon, toast and pastries, and Nicole is wearing the smallest pink dressing gown I’ve ever seen.

Yes, I’ve had worse mornings.

But, I can’t help but wonder, what does it take to date Nicole Scherzinger?

What’s she looking for?

“If you can make me laugh,” she replies immediately.

“I look for a guy who has a great sense of humour and is just cool.

“I don’t like guys who think they are hot – that is a turn-off. You just want a guy who is genuine and has got a good head about him.

“And a guy that gives and is attentive.”

The last part of this answer could hold the key to why her on-off relationship with Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton has stalled again after five years.

But something tells me it might only be just another pit stop.

“We’re friends and it’s just nice that we’re talking again. I don’t know what the future holds,” says Nicole when I mention Lewis.

“I think it is always good for people to work on themselves and then their friendships first. Our families are close.

“That happens when you are with someone for five years. So it’s good we are friends .

“But I am not into dating mode. I have been so focused on work and I don’t know what the future holds.”

The one person who may have got to kiss Nicole recently was supermodel Kate Moss… or so it seemed, at least.

An incredible snap posted online by Jonathan Ross showed Moss in her Halloween outfit apparently puckering up to Nicole… who was wearing a prosthetic pig’s nose at they time.

“Of course we didn’t snog or any­thing but she was lovely and down to earth,” says Nicole with a laugh.

“Everyone was on good form that evening. Dermot O’Leary was there with his wife – it was a cool night.”

Looking around the room I notice flowers from Robbie Williams and photos on the sideboard, lots of personal snaps of Nicole with family members and friends.

They are, she says, what keeps her sane. Well, Scherzinger-style sane anyway.

“Last year I didn’t know what I was getting myself into and when I get nervous I just throw everything into my work. I didn’t have anyone visit.

“This year I had my friends and my family come.

“So for the first time I have walked out in London. I was out in disguise and I looked silly but I got to see all the bridges, St Paul’s, The Tower of London, the parks and some random small museums.

“It is just nice to take in the culture and take in the history.

“I got to take my family to Stonehenge. We got to have a personal tour. It was magical place. It is weird to think everyone still wonders what the purpose is.

“For me, because I am a spiritual person, I see it as sacred grounds or holy grounds.

“I also went to my first fish and chip shop, in Salisbury. It’s great to be able to go and see these things with my friends.”

Here in the flesh – and I can see quite a lot of it thanks to that dressing gown, and, um, is it hot in here or is it just me? – Nicole is even more beautiful than she appears on TV.

I wonder if she’s having daily vampire facials or some other extreme treatment, but she swears her glowing skin is achieved much more easily.

“The secret is simple girls, you need to ditch the fizzy drinks.

“Plus, it has got to do with my heritage. I hate to say it but I usually go to bed with my make-up on.

“I am like a tomboy in that way. But I drink only water. I have never had a carbonated beverage, well I suppose a beer, but Coke or 7up I have never had that.

“Just water really, lots and lots of water.”

“I don’t think fizzy drinks taste good and I love water. It is all about hydrating the skin.”

After our chat, Nicole is heading off to work on The X Factor, to talk through her acts’ song choices for this weekend and next.

She says that this time her money’s on former prison officer Sam Bailey to win the show, even though she’s not one of her team.

“I have always said she was going to win,” she explains. “I fell in love with her voice and her background, the juxtaposition of that.

“She is growing week after week and it is like her vocals have no limits. I think confidence-wise she is growing too.

“Obviously I would love one of my girls to make it all the way up there but I am really happy for Sam and that is what these shows are made for – giving someone like that a real chance.”

Nicole says she was thrilled to get the girls category for this series because she felt she could empathise with them the most.

“Everyone knows girls are so much more emotional and vulnerable,” she adds.

“So I guess it is a little more difficult because I really want to be there for them.

“When I’m with them I get to be just another girl, they open up and talk to me about things in-depth and I tell them my stories too.”

Obviously still smarting from her girls being in the bottom two, she says gutsy Tamera Foster is “bred for the industry” and Hannah Barratt is “an unbelievable soul singer”.

She adds: “I don’t feel people are appreciating what she’s bringing to the competition and the true talent.”

When asked who should rightfully be leaving the show this week, Nicole doesn’t hesitate.

“The talent is at its highest point and Sam Callahan is the weakest singer when you hear him compared to the other ones,” she says.

“We don’t have any novelty acts this year and I agree with Gary Barlow, I don’t want to lose a great talent, a great vocal talent, for him.”

Just like her relationship with Lewis Hamilton, the future of Nicole’s judging career is also unclear.

“I’m not ruling anything out next year because I’m really grateful to The X Factor.

“This year I moved here for three months to commit to this wholeheartedly and it has been great.

“Next year I’d like to take some time for myself and work on the music. But if Simon Cowell came back? I wouldn’t throw anything out.

“I got the job because of him. And because I’m so schamazing. Haha.”

She throws her head back and laughs.

Personally, I don’t see what’s so funny…

Nicole continues as a judge on The X Factor this weekend on ITV. She is a global ambassador for Special Olympics and has recorded O Holy Night for the charity’s new A Very Special Christmas album, out in December

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