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Nicole Scherzinger: ‘Mentoring is a seven day a week job’
Oct 29 2013


Mentoring, eh? It’s not easy. There’s routining to be done, picking a new song and non-stop rehearsing and then there’s the work at the studio – where every detail of the performances are put together. Basically, it sounds like a lot of hard work to us.

Thankfully, we have four hard-working Judges on the panel – who insist on spending as much time with their acts as possible. They discuss song choices – but also hair, make up, outfits, everything with their finalists, despite the fact they have a busy schedule themselves doing what superstars do.

“This is a seven day a week job,” admits Nicole. “I work on every single thing with my girls. I’m so grateful I’m mentoring them because I am a girl. I get it. Whatever is going through their heads, whatever insecurities are there – I’ve been there.

“I work from the inside out, from the emotions and the head space. I want to build their confidence and their courage. I want them to find the best in themselves and then we work on the song and being true to the music.

“I’ve been telling Abi, Tamera and Hannah they need to work with our team – they know what they’re talking about. They need to stay true to who they are too – not to change at all. They have the talent, but this is not a sprint – it’s a marathon.

“Then I’ll get technical – changing the notes, the harmonies, changing the music and accompaniment. Everything.”

Well, Nicole’s work ethic is certainly working for the girls – despite a near miss last weekend (Hannah in the sing-off – did anyone see that coming?), they’re going strong in the competition. Let’s hope all that work pays off this weekend too.

Tune in on Saturday and Sunday at 8pm to find out if Nicole’s ladies survive Week Four.

Source: X Factor UK

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