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[Photos/Videos] Nicole shooting the X Factor ‘Bootcamp’ in Liverpool 07/19/12
Jul 20 2012

Wearing an all-white outfit that caught the attention of photographers when she arrived at the arena, Nicole Scherzinger was at Echo Arena in Liverpool for the third day of shooting the X Factor.

According to Yahoo UK, Nicole would have cried during the performance of one act in particular and her fellow judges Louis, Tulisa and Gary were around her to comfort her and it was because of the emotional song.

A girl who was at the echo arena shared how exciting it was:

Basically the show finished so I ran to the front, right by where the judges were sitting. Nicole was about to get up so I shouted her and she turned around and waved and then some lads asked her for a photo which she agreed to. I asked her if I could get one and she was like ‘of course, but make it quick because I think I have to get back to work’ so I went past the security and had a picture with her and she hugged me at the same time! Then I was like ‘thank you so much!’ and she was like ‘no problem sweetie’ and hugged me again!

Check out the photos:



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