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Nicole has been nominated for the Evening Standard Theatre Awards for “Best Musical Performanc...
Oct 20 2023
The London musical awards season is beginning, and we already have the first nomination for the role of "Norma Desmond," which Nicole Scherzinger will be playing until January 6th. Nicole has been nominated in the category of "Best Musical Performance." The play's director, Jamie Lloyd, has also been nominated for "Best...
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Nicole Scherzinger signs with YMU
Oct 12 2023
Archive purposes only. Deadline reports: Nicole Scherzinger has signed with YMU Group for global 360 management, as the singer and TV star begins her West End run in Sunset Boulevard. The Masked Singer panelist and Olivier-nominated singer will work with multi-disciplinary YMU team across music, live, literary, social media...
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2023 News
The Sunday Times: Interview with Nicole Scherzinger
Oct 07 2023
Archive purposes only: When the director Jamie Lloyd offered Nicole Scherzinger the lead in his new musical production of Sunset Boulevard, “I was like, ‘Are you out of your mind?’ First of all, I still look great under bright lights. And isn’t that an older woman who is, like, an old relic? How does that even remotely...
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The Guardian: Q&A with Nicole Scherzinger
Oct 07 2023
Nicole Scherzinger, 45, was born in Honolulu and raised in Kentucky. She started acting age 14 and studied musical theatre at university. She has sold more than 60m records worldwide as lead singer of girl band Pussycat Dolls and as a solo artist. She voiced the character Sina in Disney’s Moana, starred in ABC’s remake of...
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Nicole Scherzinger chats with Dermot O’Leary about Sunset Boulevard, new music and more on BBC...
Sep 30 2023
Dermot's X Factor buddy Nicole Scherzinger joins him to chat about Sunset Boulevard - which opens in London's West End. (September 30, 2023). Check the interview below or listen on soundcloud. Dermot O'Leary: How are you? Scherzinger ding dong, you're here. Nicole Scherzinger: I'm fantastic. I feel like I just got off...
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Nicole Scherzinger talks about her role on Sunset Boulevard, The Pussycat Dolls and music industry
Sep 29 2023
NICOLE SCHERZINGER went to BBC this morning (September 29) to promote Sunset Boulevard. She gave an interview to Anita Rani on "Women's Hour" and discussed taking on the iconic role of Norma Desmond on the reimagined version of Sunset Boulevard by Jamie Lloyd, currently on previews on London's West End. Check the transcripted...
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“I’m still proving myself” – Nicole Scherzinger tells PEOPLE
Sep 28 2023
Nicole Scherzinger is back at center stage. Last week, the Masked Singer judge made her debut as Norma Desmond in the West End revival of Sunset Boulevard in London — and she's hoping people see a new side of her. The singer rose to global fame fronting the girl group Pussycat Dolls nearly 20 years ago, but she says she has...
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Nicole Scherzinger dishes on upcoming musical “Sunset Boulevard”
Sep 10 2023
Nicole Scherzinger was at BBC Radio 2 on Friday, September 8, promoting "Sunset Boulevard". The reimagined version of the renowned musical premieres in just 2 weeks in London's West End. Check the transcribed interview below or listen to the audio here. Zoe, interviewer: How did you feel when you got this role?Nicole...
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Big Rumor Alert: Nicole Scherzinger possibly joining “Death Becomes Her” – the mus...
Sep 02 2023
Hold onto your seats, Scherzy fans! Rumor has it that Nicole Scherzinger, the renowned talent behind iconic roles as Grizabella and Norma Desmond, might step into the magical world of "Death Becomes Her", as the show starts being teased on new Instagram account. "Death Becomes Her" is a spellbinding musical adaptation of...
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2023 Musical Rumors
Rehearsal images released for ‘SUNSET BOULEVARD’ starring Nicole Scherzinger
Sep 02 2023
Less than 3 weeks before the play premieres in West End, London, the first rehearsal photos of "Sunset Boulevard" have been released. The play is an adaptation of the 1950 film of the same name. Nicole Scherzinger takes on the lead role of Norma Desmond, a former silent film star whose career crumbled with the arrival of...
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Nicole Scherzinger to star in Sunset Boulevard in London’s West End
May 19 2023
"Nicole Scherzinger stars as the immortal Norma Desmond in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s legendary Sunset Boulevard. This thrillingly atmospheric musical, which features an iconic score including the songs With One Look, The Perfect Year and As If We Never Said Goodbye, is reimagined by visionary director Jamie Lloyd for...
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Nicole Scherzinger teases comeback projects
May 16 2023
After a critical acclaimed performance at King Charles III coronation, Nicole Scherzinger teased a comeback to the UK for "secret projects". Speaking to BBC Radio 2, she revealed: “I’m going to be here more often I think. Working on a couple of different projects which I can’t reveal yet but I will not disappoint, as you...
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