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“This year it set to be an exciting one” Nicole Scherzinger for Pop & Kultur Magazine
Feb 23 2019

Kultur: “You are well known for your powerful soprano vocals, and you are very comfortable to sing in a wide variety of music genres. Do you have a favorite type?”

Nicole: “For me, the nice thing about music is that there is always a song to suit your mood, and a song to suit your feelings. I love being able to express myself and I’m very comfortable communicating with music. I love to sing classic pieces with Andrea Bocelli; I grew up in the theater, so musical theater is a great passion for me. I love to sing ballads that serve as a real channel to convey emotions, and then of course there is R & B pop music. It also allows me to dance and show a dance. In fact, I also worked on a rock project with Jason Bonham for the NBA playoff. I can’t choose a favorite: I’m happy as long as I can sing.”

Kultur: “You’re also dancing and acting. In 2016, you took part in Disney’s Moana, you won the Dancing with the Stars in the USA, and you were nominated for your Olivier with your performance in the Cats. Which is more exciting for you? Acting, singing or dancing? Do you prefer to be on the stage or in front of the camera?”

Nicole: “My primary passion is to sing the song and always be so lucky to have played in such a variety of performances, but at the same time I feel like I have missed a lot of opportunities. It is always “not exactly suitable for the project”. Either you’re too old, or your sight isn’t right, or you’ve done something else that makes you unfit for that role or opportunity. Sometimes it’s incredibly frustrating. Behind the scenes, I always work hard for projects that inspire me, but when someone else has the power to decide, you give it control. That’s why I’m working on a project that allows me to show my passions and strengths, which I can create myself – something that is under my control. This project will be under construction for a while, but it will be a reflection of my passions with a part of my heritage. The stage is much more raw and realistic to make, but every night you have to re-create it from within. In fact, you are portraying it once or twice when you shoot a movie, and it becomes unaffected. They both have advantages, but when it comes to singing.”

Kultur: “The Pussycat Dolls is still one of the biggest women’s music groups in the history of music. When you looked back at this time with the girls, what was the best moment you’ve had?”

Nicole: “I think the most interesting part of it was to take a tour. We visited some of the most beautiful places in the world and this was our chance to say ‘work’. From the mountains of New Zealand to the Egyptian pyramids and the Alps, it is a fascinating chance to see only a tiny part of the world. Do you think you can reunite with girls at some point? There have been many gossips over the years: many false starters, fake news about coming together, girls who claim to be part of something they’re never part of, things to say that we’re the prostitutes, and even the group, to get back together with Pia Mia. even tried to change. It is difficult to say what will happen in the future. We all have different lives right now. Some of the girls were totally out of the idea, some girls would want to come together again to offer new music to their fans and to go on tour. But we have all made our own way and created our own successful careers. So if one day luck plays the jackpot and everyone has time, I think it is very, very fun.

Kultur: “You’re a jury at Masked Singer: America’s biggest TV show. How was the jury of these important TV shows? You’ve been several times in the US and the UK for the X-Factor contest.”

Nicole: “At the beginning of my career I got out of this kind of TV program; I think it gives me a certain skill for this job. I can see what people are going through on this journey. All these programs are both very similar and very different at the same time. I had a great time in X-Factor for years. Matt Terry, James Arthur and One Direction are some of the great talents. But I think people are starting to get bored. Masked Singer is a completely different concept. A crazy TV show published in Asia, the most watched program out there and FOX bought it for the US. 12 famous singers wear sparkling costumes, the jury and viewers try to find out who is behind the mask. A cheerful guessing game, suitable for the whole family.”

Kultur: “You’ve even won several awards throughout Asia. You’re also a great symbol for young people and have received positive reviews from many important musicians in the industry. How does it feel to be one of the most acclaimed singers in the industry? Does it create pressure on you for your future projects?”

Nicole: “It is important for me to be a positive role model for young people; I think the world we live in is far from ideal. We’re recording, but future young people and future generations will be shaped by the way we study. I want to encourage self-love, acceptance and open vision. First of all, it is important that you love each other and always find positive ways. This sector is difficult Some of the greatest talents were forced to leave because they had difficulty finding a place here. I understand this in some ways, and although I’m reasonably well-known, I still have much to prove. However, I do not feel any pressure on my future projects. I’m just gonna keep doing my job, and I’m hoping my talent will come out.”

Kultur: Speaking about upcoming projects, what can we expect from you in the future? Many fans are willing to see a new album, is that in sight?

Nicole: This year it set to be an exciting one – I’ve got a lot in the works. You can expect new music in some capacity – something in the fitness and wellness world. Some more TV projects – and in amongst all of those I’ll be busy working on a project that’s going to take a while to build.

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