Nicole about The Black Eyed Peas
· 21 December 2018 · Magdalena

Your friendship with the group goes a long way back, how long have you been friends with the guys?
I mean I don’t wanna reveal too much about our age but it’s been a couple of decades…almost. Yeah, since we were like two!

So, you’ve been there for the whole 20 years they’re celebrating, this must have been an amazing journey to witness. You must be really proud…
Yeah, I was a huge fan of theirs when I was in my first group, Eden’s Crush. We actually had a radio show together and I was like moonwalking past their room singing one of their songs. I was singing Weekends trying to get their attention. So, I’ve known them for quite a long time and I’m just really, really proud of the boys. How far they’ve come, what they’ve  been able to accomplish, their message and the love they’ve been able to share through their music. There’s no other group like them, no one comes close. They’re legends.

What do you think is the secret to their longevity?
They’re a brotherhood and they also happen to be geniuses. It’s great that the boys have been together from the beginning. They have a great chemistry. They really are like brothers, a family. They love each other, they look after each other, they lift each other up. I see that behind the scenes and also Will is such a mastermind with music and production. I mean, Will is just… he’s a genius. They know music so well, music loves them and for them to be able to change consistently with the times incredible.

What is your greatest Black Eyed Peas memory?
I have a lot of amazing memories with the Peas. I think it was just a year ago that I got to perform with them and that was really special for me but I would have to say one of my greatest memories is from the early days. And I would be on tour with them when I was in Eden’s Crush and I would watch them from the wings and I saw the electricity that came off of them when they performed. They were just larger than life. I’d never seen any performers take the stage like that and I saw the impact that they had on the audience. It was like they controlled the audience with their energy. That would really play a part for me as a performer later on in my career.

Do you have a favourite Black Eyed Peas song?
I mean. I love all their songs. Where Is The Love? – the message is beautiful – but I love all the Peas’ songs. I love their latest one Big Love… but probably Weekends. That was the song I was singing back in the day, dancing past their dressing room.

Tell me about your performance in the show
I’m excited. We’re debuting Wings which is a song that we did together and is featured on their new album. This is the first time and we get to do it on the special. It’s fun, it’s vibey and I think it’s taking us back to Black Eyed Peas roots where they started and I have a lot of fun with it vocally and really get into character. People are so used to seeing me on TV judging and stuff but my first love and real passion and gift is actually being a musician and artist so it’s just great to get back to the stage and being creative with the boys. And at the end of the special I’m really looking forward to joining with all the guests to perform Where
Is The Love?

And this is going to go out at Christmas, have you got any plans for the holidays?
To work on my family’s recipes! I need a lot of work on them. I think I will probably be in LA this Christmas and I’m really excited because I plan to cook a lot. Usually my family do all the cooking but this time I’m going to try to do that. Already at the house I have the Christmas playlist on repeat and Christmas movies on repeat. I already have my Christmas tree up and everything. It’s my most favourite time of the year.

Any New Year’s Resolutions?
Not to waste time. There was a thing that I watched the other day about the 5 second rule which says imagine a rocket taking off and the countdown, 5-4-3-2-1. If you’re hesitating about doing something – going for a work out, writing a song, whatever it may be – count down 5 seconds and then make it happen.