Nicole Scherzinger: Intense dancing keeps me fit
Posted 15 de March de 2012 | By Bruna | Categories: Interviews

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Nicole Scherzinger admits her “super-intense” stage shows help keep her in shape.

The stunning singer credits her fabulous figure to an extreme exercise regime including dancing for her music tours. Away from busting a move or two, she works up a sweat with running and yoga.

“Fitness is a big part of my everyday life,” she explained in an interview with the April edition of UK magazine InStyle.

“My dances for my tour are super-intense, so I’ll do six to eight-hour rehearsals a day and when I’m not dancing, I love running or practising Bikram yoga.”

However Nicole stresses there is such a thing as too much exercise. In order to recover from her workouts, the star treats herself to a massage.

“It’s important to give your body a rest – my biggest beauty indulgence is a good deep-tissue massage; it really helps me recover after dancing in heels,” she explained.

“I also try to get six to eight hours’ sleep a night and I drink lots and lots of water – it’s my favourite drink.”

While she invests plenty of time on sculpting her body, Nicole admits she keeps her beauty routine to a minimum. She blames her busy schedule for her low-key regime.

“I have a hectic schedule, so my daily beauty regime is pretty low-maintenance,” she admitted.