Nicole Scherzinger Dishes on Her Dubai Stopover
Posted 07 de March de 2012 | By Pablo | Categories: Interviews

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Ahlan! caught up with Nicole Scherzinger in Dubai after her big spat with Simon Cowell to find out what the ex-Doll has lined up for her new solo career…

Former Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger’s got a new solo album, is back on with Formula One racer Lewis Hamilton and is still shaking what her mama gave her. While her album Killer Love is heating up the UK charts, talk of her X Factor dismissal is even hotter! Nicole got the chop in January with Simon Cowell saying she has, “Daffy Duck’s brain”. Ouch!

Nicole – who replaced Cheryl Cole on the show (though according to Nic they’re the best of friends) – was also criticised for poor mentoring skills, bad song choices and being boring! Clearly, not everyone’s born to judge!

Luckily for Nic, things are going a little better in her personal life. After a brief split, she’s back on with Lewis. The pair called it quits in October 2011 after three years together, but thanks to Lewis’ dad, they decided to try again. Dad’s advice for the driver? A settled personal life will be good for his racing career. How romantic!

We caught up with the former Doll at Dubai’s Cirque Du Soir where she peformed tracks from her new album in the early hours after arriving late, looking a lot like Kim Kardashian

We’re glad to see you back. What’s your favourite thing about the UAE?
This is my day off and I’m in Dubai and I couldn’t imagine a better place to celebrate. It’s so unique – it’s like an exotic, way-more-expensive Vegas!

You’re wearing an amazing outfit – we love the Louboutin boots and your wrap. Can you tell us about it?
I’m wearing Khatoon, an independent local Dubai designer who made this especially for me to wear tonight. I’m doing the honours and representing the people of Dubai.

Your first solo album Killer Love was recently released. How is it doing?
It’s doing great. I’m so thankful to the people in the UK for their reception. It hasn’t been released in the US yet but the UK gave me my biggest career highlight.

What are your plans for 2012? Any new projects?
I’m going to be in Men in Black 3, my very first motion picture. I’m also doing more musical theatre.

In 2010, you competed on Dancing with the Stars. What was it like?
It was one of the greatest experiences of my life and I won with the grace of God and my great partner, Derek Hough.

Would you ever do something like that again?
Oh my god, honey, no. I would never do that again. I have absolutely no regrets, but I’m embracing and moving forward.

You’re turning 34 this year, but you don’t look it. Can you let us in on your beauty secrets?
Lots of prayer, sleep and water!