Nicole Scherzinger is an Anglophile
Posted 02 de March de 2012 | By Bruna | Categories: News

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Having recently renewed her acquaintance with former flame Lewis Hamilton it seems Nicole Scherzinger is a big fan of all things British. The 33-year-old US singer revealed her style icon and dream duet both hail from these shores too.

Kate Moss is such a trendsetter and there’s no one else out there who can pull off her look. She has this Seventies rock-chick style I can relate to as I’m inspired by that whole era and music scene,” Nicole, working as an ambassador for imPress nails, tells us.

When we quizzed her on her ideal collaboration, she added: “My favourite Brits right now would be Plan B and Adele. I love Plan B’s mix of hip hop and soul and Adele’s voice blows me away every time.” High praise indeed